2. Extent of the directions

1[These directions shall apply to every financial institution which is a company and which carries on, in any place in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, any of the following types of business and to every financial institution which is a company and which carries on, in any place in India, any of the types of business referred to in sub-paragraph (2) to (4) below :-

(1) Collecting whether as a promoter, foreman, agent or in any other capacity monies in one lump sum or in instalments by way of contributions or subscriptions or by sale of units, certificates or other instruments or in any other manner or as membership fees or admission fees or service charges to or in respect of any savings, mutual benefit, thrift, or any other scheme or arrangement by whatever name called, and utilising the monies so collected or any part thereof or the income accruing from investment or other use of such monies for all or any of the following purposes -

(a) giving or awarding periodically or otherwise to a specified number of subscribers as determined by lot, draw or in any other manner, prizes or gifts in cash or in kind, whether or not the recipient of the prize or gift is under a liability to make any further payment in respect of such scheme or arrangement;

(b) refunding to the subscribers or such of them as have not won any prize or gift, the whole or part of the subscriptions, contributions or other monies collected, with or without any bonus, premium, interest or other advantage, howsoever called, on the termination of the scheme or arrangement, or, on or after the expiry of the period stipulated therein;

(2) managing, conducting or supervising as a promoter, foreman or agent of any transaction or arrangement by which the company enters into an agreement with a specified number of subscribers that every one of them shall subscribe a certain sum in instalments over a definite period and that every one of such subscribers shall in his turn, as determined by lot or by auction or by tender or in such other manner as may be provided for in the agreement be entitled to the prize amount;


For the purposes of this sub-paragraph, the expression "prize amount" shall mean the amount, by whatever name it be called, arrived at by deduction from out of the total amount subscribed at each instalment by all subscribers,

(a) the commission charged by the company or service charges as a promoter or a foreman or an agent; and

(b) any sum which a subscriber agrees to forego, from out of the total subscriptions of each instalment, in consideration of the balance being paid to him;

(3) Conducting any other form of chit or kuri which is different from the type of business referred to in sub-paragraph (2) above;

(4) undertaking or carrying on or engaging in or executing any other business similar to the business referred to in sub-paragraph (1) to (3).]

Note :

1. Substituted, vide Notification No. DNBC 41/ED(T)-79 dated May 9, 1979