12. Responsibilities and functions of the Resource Centre.- (1) The Resource Centre shall be responsible for day to day administration of the Scheme.

(2) The functions of the Resource Centre shall include-

(i) to specify, with prior approval of the Board,

(a) the number of persons to be enrolled during a financial year for training to act as Service Tax Return Preparers;

(b) the number of centres for training and their location where at training to be imparted during a financial year;

(c) the number of persons to be trained at each centre for training during a financial year;

(ii) to specify the curriculum and all other matters relating to the training of Service Tax Return Preparers;

(iii) maintain the particulars relating to the Service Tax Return Preparers as required in paragraph 10 of this Scheme;

(iv) any other function which is assigned to it by the Board for the purposes of implementation of the Scheme.


1 & 2- Omitted vide Notification No. 44/2010 – S. T. dated 20th July 2010.