Power to withhold refund.

21. (1) Where an order giving rise to a refund is the subject matter of further proceedings and the taxing authority interested in the success of such proceedings is of the opinion that the grant of the refund is likely to adversely affect the recovery in the event of success of such proceedings, he may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, withhold the refund and shall, if such authority is below the rank of Commissioner, refer the case, within thirty days of the application for the refund, to the Commissioner for order.

(2) If a reference has been made to the Commissioner under sub-section (1) in time, he may either pass an order withholding refund or direct that refund be made on furnishing of security except cash security of the like amount or decline to withhold the refund:

Provided that if no order withholding the refund is received within ninety days of making the reference to the Commissioner, the refund shall be given forthwith.